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Water Bottle/Sling -- Refreshing Beer (Yellow)

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Image of Water Bottle/Sling -- Refreshing Beer (Yellow)
  • Image of Water Bottle/Sling -- Refreshing Beer (Yellow)

We live in a world where corporations have continually pushed the false narrative that individual choices have a noticeable impact on climate change. It can be tempting to slip into a nihilistic haze as we watch the Earth fall apart, and the use of reusable water bottles won’t do much to save the planet, but it still feels better than adding additional plastic to the ever-growing landfills. This vessel is free of BPA and features a bottle opener with a quote from existentialist poet Ranier Maria Rilke to encourage you to take a deep breath and trip out on life’s mysteries or whatever before snapping the cap off your drink of choice. We’ve also teamed up with Brody Nowak, who crafted custom-fitted Paracord slings for ease-of-transport. The slings are available in 2 color stories, Clear Water (Blue) and Refreshing Beer (Yellow), that reflect possible beverage options for the bottles.